artKYOTO 2023

GALLERY TOMOは、artKYOTO 2023に参加致します。

Dates: 2023年10月6日(金)、8日(日)、9日(月)
venue:世界遺産・元離宮二条城 / World Heritage Site Nijo-jo Castle










【Traces biotope】

The attitude shared by these two artists of different generations is one that does not defy nature, and their art works are born from the process of combining materials and principles to form a form.

Shinohara’s art works express the impermanence of life beyond the concept of two-dimensional objects, overlapping the transition of time and the soul. Fujita’s work focuses on the back of a woman in Urushi (lacquer) sculpture, but what emerges is a sense of human and social nature transformed by relationships, and can be seen as a metaphor for the loss of humanity brought about by today’s one-way global capitalism.

The theme of this year’s exhibition is the Nijo Castle as a biotope of traces, where the activities of someone who may have once been there are also circulated.


Shinohara Takeshi

Born in Kyoto.
Shinohara’s art works, characterised by various elements found in nature such as wind, fire, water and sound, do not present the artist’s thoughts one-sidedly to the viewer, nor do they use any special devices, but are revealed when the viewer faces the art work.
By entering into the phenomenon of the work with great interest and empathy with the artist, we can genuinely enjoy the act of ‘seeing’ and have the opportunity to discover and experience new things in the environment while unravelling our senses.

Caori Fujita

Born in 1986 in Osaka.
Sculptor whose work focuses mainly on the human back. She mainly creates art works using the KANSHITSU(乾漆), Japanese traditional dry lacquer technique, but also combines it with other materials.
People are transformed through their interactions with others, and the emphasis of her work is on the differences that arise from these interactions, and the ways in which these differences blend together and become indistinguishable.
She expresses such a universal state of change in various ways, including the human body, textures, metal powder, ice, flowers and fruit.