MULTI: +PROJECT 2016 International Group Exhibition

MULTI: +PROJECT 2016 International Group Exhibition


Multi” comes from the Latin word “multus” which means “much” or “many”. It can be seen in English words such as “multicultural” (many cultures) or “multimedia” (many media). Artists today also often work in more than one genre, changing as their styles develop. For this exhibition, we invited artists to present works outside of their major, or to challenge their field of study in a new way. The results are truly diverse. The show features works by 18 artists from nine different countries, making it one of the most diverse exhibitions they have joined. We hope this show will lead to an exchange of ideas or future collaborations between the artists.

川上春奈, Maria Teresa Scarabello, Thomas Vauthier, Anna Edsalv
Fanny Terno, Peipei Wang, 中澤ふくみ, 畑彩佳, Vasuphon Sanpanich, 山崎, 山田鞠奈, Jean-David Jamet, 禹紗野, 米谷英里, 岡本亜季, 南光望美 , 新宅加奈子, ​濱野元気

11/29 (Tue): Opening reception 19:00-
12/3 (Sat): Artist talks 16:00-
12/4 (Sun): Artist talks 16:00-

+PROJECT 2016 International Group Exhibition