Yoji Kondo
April 28 – May 10, 2015
Opening party April 28 7-9pm

YODOYA is please to present PARASOL a solo exhibition of works by Yoji Kondo at GALLERY TOMO. “PARASOL” is a
title of Kondo’s first short movie and is a love story for all who had lost the face. Among all the matter, according to
cosmology although it accounts for 5 % of whole universe, we human has been finding many meanings and mysteries in
the face. Like “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci, Acephale by Georges Bataille, the face by Emmanuel Levinas and NoFace
by Hayao Miyazaki, various efforts about the lack or the other in the face had already been conducted. It is
gradually hard to have sincere emotion and express that directly because of the developed surveillance system, the
chain of loneliness by too much individualism, the lack or saturation of the meaning itself and so on. In our living world
such like that, perhaps you also have a face that you never show anybody or nobody knows. A man and a woman in this
short movie is also losing their emotions. One day, however, Mr. PARASOL emerges in front of them and then the
circumstances facing them changes completely. A parallel story with which a parasol connects. Hope you like it.
Yoji Kondo (2013- YAP) is interested in a filter. It is based on his nature that he can’t communicate with anybody without a media. When he was a high
school student, though he had lived in Japan through his teenage, he didn’t hide his uncomfortable feeling. It becomes obvious by his video, that is, he
couldn’t leave his video camera in a school excursion because it was too difficult for him to talk to class mates without seeing them through the finder
( In”YAP 21” 2013, four works was installed including the video work). In this “PARASOL”, he adopted the parasol as a filter for connecting the two different
persons( parasol is a light umbrella used to give shade from the sun. para- ‘protecting against’ + sole ‘sun’ ) .
633, Shimogoryo-cho, Teramachi Tounan-kado,Marutamachi-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-0995
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